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Understanding The Debt Limit:

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Stop spending; there will be a cash-flow lag before spending cuts will help to reduce the current obligations. However, it has to be now or never!

Increasing tax revenues will slow this already sluggish economy.


Go Ahead Raise My Taxes!





Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

July 16, 2011 at 4:37 pm

After The Election Conservatives Will Gain Some Control: Food For Thought (Video)

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By Bill Hurst, Let’s take a look at were we stand in this great nation of ours. All great societies (nations of the world) started as protecting individual freedoms, and free enterprise. The fall of the Roman Empire and the Grecian Empire culminated with the burdensome demands of a socialistic and degenerate society…

Republicans, Democrats

A ‘republican’ (a member of what Americans call the Republican Party) favors a form of government referred to as a republic in which elected officials represent the people in governing the nation. It is the most orderly form of government. ‘Republicanism’ also means ‘self government’. American Republicans also are known as conservatives,are on the political ‘right’ and support  the free-market or capitalist economic platform.

A ‘democrat’ (a member of what Americans call the Democrat party) favors a form of government referred to as a democracy in which every member of the population could potentially be involved in voting on every decision that the government makes. This pure form of democracy works in private meetings and small towns, but otherwise is only theoretically possible, and is chaotic compared to the republican way. The word ‘chaos’ is important because it represents the liberal approach to social structure as opposed to Republicans’ sense of order. Democrats also are known as liberals, leftists or socialists and ally themselves with a welfare-state or government-command economic platform.

But there are so-called elections, mock democracies and phony representative governments even under dictatorships. The only meaningful result of any form of government is liberty, and the freedom to live your life without interference from your own government. The achievement and maintenance of liberty is an ‘active’ endeavor undertaken by virtuous and disciplined people living in an ordered reality. Weak, passive and pacifist people are easily subjected to despotism. And in the history of the United States, the longest-lived example of liberty and prosperity in the history of the world, we see the triumph of a capitalist republican culture that is a model for freedom-lovers everywhere.

America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

Republicans and conservative capitalists favor a small government and low taxes to promote individual initiative and self-reliance so that citizens can provide for themselves. People who vote Republican statistically are better educated, more technologically adept, have closer, happier and bigger families, are more ambitious, and are more prosperous than those who vote otherwise. Thus they do not want or need the government to tell them how to live. The Republican party fares best among the self-reliant people in suburban, small-town and rural America on whose intelligence and discipline our nation – and the world economy – has been built.

The core of conservative ideology is individualism, which the competent, disciplined person is capable of caring for himself or herself, and for the lives of their families. The family itself represents individualism because it is the smallest, most natural and strongest unit of society above the lone person. Conservative individualism is a positive trait deeming that people will work to be self-reliant and positive in outlook; will depend on nobody else; and will contribute to the community through those traits, not expecting anything from the community.

Working together with the concept of individualism is the free-market capitalist economic system of risks and rewards, which says that those who take the risks are eligible for the rewards And while a static, theoretical analysis – on which all socialist theory is based – would consider that a risk/reward system would produce an equal number of winners and losers, history has shown that risk/reward capitalist systems produce high levels of economic growth while risk-less socialist/communist always systems shrink and die, and ultimately provide opportunity for none.

Conservative Republicans believe in everything that America’s Founding Fathers desired – free-market capitalism, individual initiative and reward, private property rights, a moral and religious populace, majority rule, and a rejection of the welfare state and wealth redistribution. And the American Revolution originally was fought in order to free us from unreasonable taxation.

Socialism, however, is an urban and academic phenomenon that seeks higher taxation, and favors the idea that people rely not on themselves but on government for the necessities of life. This is part of the contrary socialist mindset: To disagree with the principles of rational individualist capitalism. Every tenet of socialism is diametrically opposed to the wishes of the Founders of our nation.

One of the core premises of socialism is utterly false, that all people have roughly equal abilities and that it is thus the duty of the government to distribute wealth equally and to ‘level out’ the ‘playing field’ of life so that everyone gets their equal opportunity. Socialism actually is a system in which risk is eliminated by government. But socialism historically has created suffering by failing to account for human nature, by forcing people into theoretical economic systems concocted and operated by urban and academic intellectuals, systems that deprive productive people of the fruits of their labors, and of the natural incentive of simple economic reward.

Socialism represents the institutionalization of mediocrity and conformity. It stifles individual creativity in favor of collectivism and consensus thinking, and thus socialist societies never have and never will produce great art, architecture, literature, philosophy, technology etc.

There is no objective truth in socialism, no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. For socialists, opinion is everything, and this is why their ideology is prevalent on college campuses, where opinion is all, and thus all opinions are considered valid. This is one of most crucial ways in which leftist socialism works to refute a central principle of rational conservatism which says that there is right and wrong, and that universal truths exist.

Socialism forever is proclaiming itself to be mankind’s savior and a friend of ‘the little guy’ but in fact it is capitalism that repeatedly has turned out that way because capitalism is the only system that creates wealth. Even the anti-capitalist United Nations in its 2002 Human Development Report stated that world poverty fell 20% between 1990 and 1999, an era when aggressive globalization (free-trade capitalism) was spreading at a pace unequaled in the entire 20th century. Poverty fell most markedly in India and China where, respectively, radical socialist and outright communist governments had controlled and smothered the economies for decades.

Socialism creates no wealth; it consumes, dissipates and destroys wealth. It is anti-business. It is a system of government control that only redistributes existing wealth. In fact, every time wealth is created, there is a leftist to complain – environmentalists complain about the pollution; college professors complain about the profit you’ve made; union activists complain about the wages paid. In other words, the focus is on the negative.

Since it creates no wealth, the heart of socialism is the appropriation of wealth through taxation, patronage and cronyism. Since their system creates no wealth, socialists are infinitely more obsessed with wealth than capitalists. And since socialism creates no wealth while its mission is to redistribute wealth, socialism is by nature paradoxical. This is why socialism always produces the opposite result of its stated ideals.

It is crucial to remember always that socialists are interested in helping “the poor” or “the environment” only to the extent that the systems they set up first transfer wealth and power to the socialist élite itself and to its unproductive allies (i.e., government bureaucrats, trial lawyers, environmental organizations and activists etc.) who work to keep the élite in power. This all happens while consuming wealth, not producing it.

Since it creates no wealth, the life force in socialism comes from controlling the lives of other people. Therefore political power is everything to the socialist. That is why they devote their lives to building political machines and winning elections by any means possible, because that is the only way that the socialist can feel that he is contributing to society, by influencing that society through legislation, patronage and bureaucracy.

And this is why the economically declining states in the Northern Tier of the United States from Michigan to Maine increasingly are Democrat. As productive people (conservatives, Republicans) leave for greener pastures in the South and West, Democrats stay behind to keep the bureaucratic government jobs that they are made for, to lord over a weaker and poorer population, without challenge.

And since they create nothing, socialists must take control of as many institutions as possible, once the hard work of building those institutions (corporations, the media, the universities, the arts, the nonpartisan judiciary, churches, foundations) has been completed. One example: Atheist, pro-abortion feminist Patricia Ireland was hired in 2003 as CEO of the Young Women’s Christian Association, an organization started during the Civil War and built on years of good deeds by caring Christian women. Ireland formerly was president of the National Organization for Women. (She was fired on October 20, 2003 after her leadership was deemed inappropriate in light of YWCA history.)

This is how socialists work – one person at a time, they insinuate themselves into healthy, conservative institutions that represent discipline and order. Once like-minded people within those institutions reach a numerical tipping point, socialists begin to dictate those institutions’ policies. Even traditional purely democratic institutions like Vermont’s old-fashioned annual town meetings began to be taken over as far back as the late 1960s by leftists who had moved into the state, primarily from New York City. They turned meetings that once focused in true democratic fashion on local issues like road repairs and town budgets into one-sided harangues over nuclear power, US foreign policy, military spending and all the other favored issues.

Individualism is a bad word to liberals. Yet they preach another type of individualism which is the polar opposite of that espoused by conservatives. It is a feminine self-centeredness or an insecure narcissism, where the person considers himself or herself to be the most important entity in the world exclusive of others and of the community at large, and focuses only on how the world can cater to his or her needs, pleasures, emotions, weaknesses and phobias. This creates an uncertain and dependent society that can be catered to by a centralized élite that manifests these same attributes.

Basic Forms Of Government:

A must read!

The Proper Role Of Government

The Choice Is Clear Who The Real Conservative Is, Today! November 2nd, is the day when we need to make a move on Washington D.C., and Elect the True Conservative Raul Labrador!

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative.

The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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Minnick’s Campaign Desperate…Lashing Out In Vain! (Video)

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By Bill Hurst,  Minnick‘s campaign still strikes out with falsehoods, lies, attempts at character assassination,  misrepresentations and plain old childlike behavior! Then Minnick runs off and hides so he will not have to stand tall for his actions. Do we want this malcontent as our congressman?  Walt, Your attack dog Johnny Foster is doing a poor job! Your defeat will be at his feet and his feet alone!

Here is the latest on the Lopez case and Minnick’s attack ad:

From Raul Labrador’s Campaign:

October 28, Boise, ID – Walt Minnick’s flailing re-election campaign reached new lows in desperation today with an ad so wildly false and misleading the Labrador campaign has called for it to be taken down immediately.

Walt Minnick is asserting in his latest smear ad that Raul Labrador conspired to allow a criminal to flee the country so he wouldn’t have to face charges filed against him.

The real facts of the case are Raul Labrador represented a client named Carlos Lopez in 2001.  Carlos Lopez was arrested and subsequently charged with Misprison of Felony.  Upon his arrest it was determined by the INS that Carlos Lopez was in this country illegally.  Because of this, the INS placed an “Immigration Detainer” on him pending trial, which means that if he were released while awaiting trial the INS steps in and books them under their jurisdiction.

Read Entire Article Here


Former U.S. Attorney for Idaho Tom Moss:

I am speaking in my personal capacity and not on behalf of the US Attorney’s office or the Department of Justice.  My personal opinion after a review of the matter is that Mr. Labrador did nothing illegal or unethical. He was simply representing his client within the law and according to court procedures as allowed at that time, as I would expect any competent attorney to do. In my personal opinion the television ad is unfair in that it distorts the facts in a prejudicial manner.”

INS Special Agent (Retired):

From 1987 until my retirement in 2005, I was an INS Special Agent assigned to the organized crime Drug Task Force. I was one of the case agents in a federal prosecution of approximately 26 defendants where Carlos Lopez was charged. He was very low level defendant who was charged as being present during the delivery of money from a prior drug deal.

Upon his arrest, I determined that he was from Mexico and in the country illegally. An INS detainer was placed with the U. S. Marshal’s Service. In a subsequent detention hearing, the U.S. Magistrate released Lopez on certain condition. The INS took custody of Lopez and afforded him due process as required by law. He was sent to a detention center where he was afforded a deportation hearing and I presume was deported.

Mr. Labrador defended his client in this matter as he was required to do under his oath and as expected by the prosecution. His actions in this case were in accordance with proper handling of a criminal case by a defense attorney.

Mr. Minnick’s characterizations of the events of this case are completely dishonest and misleading. His ad is intentionally deceiving and is simply character assassination.


From the

Minnick ad targets Labrador’s work helping an illegal immigrant

The latest television commercial from Congressman Walt Minnick follows a familiar theme in his campaign: criticizing Republican state Rep. Raul Labrador’s past work as an immigration attorney. The latest ad focuses on one specific case, accusing Labrador of helping an illegal immigrant facing drug charges escape prosecution.

Read Entire Article By Brad Iverson-Long


Minnick Campaign Irks Idahoans Loses Votes By The Hundreds:


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Minnick Talks In Circles:

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What Others Are Saying About Minnick’s Attack Ads & Possible Motives Behind Them (Video)

Minnick: Wanted Political Opportunist! Mike Johnson Gets Job!

The Choice Is Clear Who The Real Conservative Is, November is when we need to make a move on Washington D.C., and Elect the True Conservative Raul Labrador!

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative.

The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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A Vote For Minnick Is Like Giving Him A Cookie! (Video)

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By Bill Hurst, Minnick claims to be a fiscal conservative! He is dead Wrong!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

View These Articles See Why Minnick Is Not A Fiscal Conservative!

The Financial Stability Act:Huge Government Take Over! (Video)

Minnick Wrong On His Own Voting Record! (video)

Minnick Hyper-Critical Of Congressional Spending On Perks: Then Spends More Than His Counterparts (Video)

Minnick Support Of Failed Stimulus Bills (Video)

Minnick-Democrats F In Economics: Edujobs Stimulus Fix Blows-up In Their Faces (Video)

Minnick does not want to repeal ObamaCare.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Choice Is Clear Who The Real Conservative Is, November is when we need to make a move on Washington D.C., and Elect the True Conservative Raul Labrador!

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative.

The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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More On ObamaCare Fallout (video)

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By Bill Hurst: ObamaCare will drive the “Free Enterprise System to extinction!

As the nation moves away from ObamaCare, Minnick, posing as a conservative, and Idaho’s Democrat congressman is for a modified ObamaCare plan.

Fact: All government health care plans are “Socialized Medical Care.” One thing is for sure…Idaho’s  liberal candidate has not given any thought to basic economic principles. When Minnick talks about cost controls… he means price controls. This would limit the number of individuals entering into the health care field reducing the -supply- of skilled health care providers. Those with  skills that could produce more money elsewhere, will leave the health market. Meaning the health care providers left, will demand higher wages because the work load will increase. Resulting in limited (rationed) or substandard care provided in any socialist plan. Liberals just don’t understand the law of supply and demand.

Surgeon General: "ObamaCare is good for you. Now bend over." Minnick says he didn't vote for Obamacare but feels it may be good for Idahoans.

The gimmick Minnick was asked what his response to  Idaho’s Health Care Freedom Act his response, “It will be quit unlikely it (The Health Care Freedom Act) will be successful.”  He said he doesn’t like the current ObamaCare.  Why is Minnick not supporting Idaho’s efforts in eliminating ObamaCare? Is he supportive of the Federal Government being dominate over State’s Rights? Minnick doesn’t want to support the Idaho conservatives working for less government? He wants us to believe  “Minnick Myths” that he is a conservative Democrat. Minnick would rather work on the “flawed bill”  for several more congresses, than helping his fellow Idahoans  scrap the National Health Care Law. Fact is a majority of Americans do not like ObamaCare.

Solution: Idahoans should not send Minnick back to Washington D.C.

Minnick said it was a waste of time to challenge ObamaCare. In Minnick’s own words: -VIDEO-

Minnick stated:

“We should try to sort out over the next several Congresses the good from the bad and make this the bill that we should have passed in the first place.”

Malkin Talks To Hannity On ObamaCare Fallout Or (Obama business death-toll):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Malkin On ObamaCare Fallout, posted with vodpo

Wheat, Guns, and ObamaCare: How the Commerce Clause Made Congress All-Powerful (Video)

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative. The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

Wheat, Guns, and ObamaCare: How the Commerce Clause Made Congress All-Powerful (Video)

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This is one of the most educational videos you will ever watch!

How The Commerce Clause Made Congress All-Powerful…From

New Blog Name & Ideas For Conservatives (Video)

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By Bill Hurst, New blog name The “Troublesome” Conservative – thanks Adam!

With the new name change I wanted to do something different with a new article to help my fellow conservatives understand the spectrum of the types of governments.  You can not but have noticed that the left-liberals are getting flack from those of us who “Have Had Enough.”  You may have observed that the left-liberals are calling conservatives “right-wing nut jobs” or something along those lines.  If you didn’t know, those liberals are implying that conservatives are so far to the right that they have fascist ideologies. Well nothing could be further from the truth as you will see in the video below. The video explains it better in a picture-word format, than I could do here explaining the; basic forms of governments. None of the conservatives that I know are so far to the right that they believe in anarchy. You will understand that comment after viewing the video.

We conservatives believe in a limited government and its leaders knowing the proper role of government.  I have provided a link to both a video and written text of the Honorable Ezra Taft Benson Former Secretary of Agriculture [The Eisenhower Administration – ed.] essay “THE PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT or VIDEO of a speech Mr. Benson gave by the same title. Why do this? I just want conservatives that are speaking up for the first time or some of us that need a refresher course, some tools to help stand our ground with our misinformed liberal friends, family or acquaintances. You also might remind them they are the ones that have moved so far to the left, from those of us that have the same conservative values as our forefathers, the distance they see is them moving not us. So enjoy the videos and the text.

Oh, I am sure that a few liberals will be reading this blog and to you folks; hope you see the light! If you want to look at true conversion, none of this “Blue Dog” crap, then I will offer some names…..Larry Pegg or Walt Holton friends of mine who will show you the errors of your ways and educate you so you know what  our original Republic looks like.



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Drop me a line if you have others to add:

It is important to get to know our real conservative candidate for Congress in the 1st CD…….

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative. The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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