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Minnick’s Campaign Desperate…Lashing Out In Vain! (Video)

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By Bill Hurst,  Minnick‘s campaign still strikes out with falsehoods, lies, attempts at character assassination,  misrepresentations and plain old childlike behavior! Then Minnick runs off and hides so he will not have to stand tall for his actions. Do we want this malcontent as our congressman?  Walt, Your attack dog Johnny Foster is doing a poor job! Your defeat will be at his feet and his feet alone!

Here is the latest on the Lopez case and Minnick’s attack ad:

From Raul Labrador’s Campaign:

October 28, Boise, ID – Walt Minnick’s flailing re-election campaign reached new lows in desperation today with an ad so wildly false and misleading the Labrador campaign has called for it to be taken down immediately.

Walt Minnick is asserting in his latest smear ad that Raul Labrador conspired to allow a criminal to flee the country so he wouldn’t have to face charges filed against him.

The real facts of the case are Raul Labrador represented a client named Carlos Lopez in 2001.  Carlos Lopez was arrested and subsequently charged with Misprison of Felony.  Upon his arrest it was determined by the INS that Carlos Lopez was in this country illegally.  Because of this, the INS placed an “Immigration Detainer” on him pending trial, which means that if he were released while awaiting trial the INS steps in and books them under their jurisdiction.

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Former U.S. Attorney for Idaho Tom Moss:

I am speaking in my personal capacity and not on behalf of the US Attorney’s office or the Department of Justice.  My personal opinion after a review of the matter is that Mr. Labrador did nothing illegal or unethical. He was simply representing his client within the law and according to court procedures as allowed at that time, as I would expect any competent attorney to do. In my personal opinion the television ad is unfair in that it distorts the facts in a prejudicial manner.”

INS Special Agent (Retired):

From 1987 until my retirement in 2005, I was an INS Special Agent assigned to the organized crime Drug Task Force. I was one of the case agents in a federal prosecution of approximately 26 defendants where Carlos Lopez was charged. He was very low level defendant who was charged as being present during the delivery of money from a prior drug deal.

Upon his arrest, I determined that he was from Mexico and in the country illegally. An INS detainer was placed with the U. S. Marshal’s Service. In a subsequent detention hearing, the U.S. Magistrate released Lopez on certain condition. The INS took custody of Lopez and afforded him due process as required by law. He was sent to a detention center where he was afforded a deportation hearing and I presume was deported.

Mr. Labrador defended his client in this matter as he was required to do under his oath and as expected by the prosecution. His actions in this case were in accordance with proper handling of a criminal case by a defense attorney.

Mr. Minnick’s characterizations of the events of this case are completely dishonest and misleading. His ad is intentionally deceiving and is simply character assassination.


From the

Minnick ad targets Labrador’s work helping an illegal immigrant

The latest television commercial from Congressman Walt Minnick follows a familiar theme in his campaign: criticizing Republican state Rep. Raul Labrador’s past work as an immigration attorney. The latest ad focuses on one specific case, accusing Labrador of helping an illegal immigrant facing drug charges escape prosecution.

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Minnick Campaign Irks Idahoans Loses Votes By The Hundreds:


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Minnick Talks In Circles:

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What Others Are Saying About Minnick’s Attack Ads & Possible Motives Behind Them (Video)

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