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Walt Minnick’s TV ad claims he said ‘no’ to the Wall Street bailout—but he wasn’t even a member of Congress when that vote took place. He also says he said ‘no’ to more government spending, but voted for Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Caulk and another $26 billion new stimulus bill this summer. This ad was designed to deceive both the Idaho public and the media,” says Republican Raul Labrador.”


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September 9, Boise. Republican Congressional candidate Raul Labrador questioned the integrity of a new television ad from the campaign of his Democrat opponent, Walt Minnick. The television ads clearly imply that Walt Minnick voted no against Wall Street bail-outs. In fact, Walt Minnick was not a member of Congress when the TARP was enacted. The Minnick campaign subsequently issued a statement saying the ad was ‘careful’ not to say ‘voted’.

The ad also claims that Walt Minnick has said no to more government spending. In fact, Walt Minnick has voted for Cash for Clunkers and Cash for Caulk, clear examples of more, dubious and wasteful government spending.

Cash for Clunkers was a taxpayer funded $3 billion dollar rebate program for automakers, 40% of which went to Japanese-owned companies. The Cash for Caulk program cost American taxpayers an additional $5 billion. This summer he also voted for another stimulus bill, costing the American taxpayers an additional $26 billion to support unionized workers.

Why would Walt Minnick need to be ‘very careful’ with the language of the ad, unless it was clearly designed to deceive both the Idaho voters and the media by implying that as a congressman, Walt Minnick had voted against the Wall Street bailout when he didn’t. It also claims he said no against wasteful government spending and this is obviously not the case. The only thing the Minnick camp got right is that words matter,” says Republican Raul Labrador.

Labrador continued, “the Minnick campaign has decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars he has collected from Wall Street and special interest groups in an attempt to blanket the district with the false impression that Walt Minnick is someone other than he actually is—a Democrat that votes with his party more than 70% of the time. He has decided to play fast and loose with words in hopes no one would notice. But people have noticed.”

Labrador concludes, “To me, the integrity of a television ad is as important as the integrity of the candidate. In this ad, Walt Minnick has shown he will go to any length and say anything to get re-elected. The people of Idaho will not be fooled.


Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

September 9, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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