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What Others Are Saying About Minnick’s Attack Ads & Possible Motives Behind Them (Video)

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By Bill Hurst, Does Walt Minnick, posing as a conservative, with the front man John Foster, want to “foster” bigotry; or are the attach ads to give Minnick a place to hide his airbrushed version of his past and his Congressional voting record ?

In previous articles I have demonstrated flaws in Minick’s version of his real past and voting history during his tenure in Congress. He has conveniently manipulated the truth about both of these seemingly controversial subjects in his authentic life history and his first term in Congress, representing Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.  This article attempts to reveal a few of his “airbrushed” versions of himself and the more exact account, which is not widely known by both political parties and chiefly by the constituency that he represents; Read Here: Will The Real Walt Minnick Stand Up!(Click Here for Full Story)

Read More On My Blog About Minnick And ObamaCare, The Economy, stimulus Bills, People He Gets Support From…Etc

Let’s Take A Look At His History (video)


The Walt Minnick You Don’t Know

In the glossy version, Walt worked in the Nixon White House on drug policy and he did—with a budget that, under his watch, ballooned to over 13 times what it was when he began. But even though he requested and received a letter from the Watergate Special Prosecutor confirming he was never a target of the investigation, multiple sources place Minnick, at least temporarily, in the Special Investigations Unit. Known as the “Plumbers,” this brainchild of Nixon was tasked with preventing leaks of classified information and carrying out covert operations against his political enemies. Led by Minnick’s boss, Egil Krogh, who would eventually plead guilty and spend time in prison, the Plumbers were the nucleus of illegal activity that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the administration.
In the postcard version, Walt “resigned in protest” after the Saturday Night Massacre (when Nixon fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox). It’s not clear when Minnick actually decided to resign, let alone whether he “resigned in protest,” but if he was protesting, it wasn’t very loudly. He stuck around for at least three months after that October Saturday of 1973. The truth doesn’t fit as nicely on an airbrushed postcard but to understand Walt Minnick’s grainy past you have to start at the beginning.

Walt Minnick & John Foster’s Attack Ads:

A response to Minnick’s First Ad

Minnick-Foster’s Fabricated Second Ad:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bloggers Calling Minnick’s Ad Bigoted :

(mine was first!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What Others Think:

Washington Post:

It isn’t every day that Democrats target Latino challengers with nasty anti-immigrant ads, but these are apparently desperate times for certain embattled Dems.
Check out this remarkably vicious new ad from Blue Dog Dem Walt Minnick of Idaho, claiming that illegal immigration is “good business” for his Republican challenger, Raul Labrador,

Washington Post: When The Dems Take The Low Road

Election 2010: Rep. Walt Minnick’s ad slams Raul Labrador’s work in immigration law Read more:

Idaho politics: Statehouse adversary sides with Labrador on immigration |

What the far liberal left says (Click Here)

Is Walt Running Away From Debating Labrador? Austin Hill’s Open Letter

The MountainGoat Report: ‘Shameful’ Indeed

Statement From: Ralph D. Perez(R) Candidate for Idaho’s District 16 State Representative.

The national democrats have been told by their strategists that the only chance they have of win in November is to make the elections as local as possible by going personally negative and doing so very aggressively. For someone who claims to be so “independent”, seems like he is taking his marching orders right from the Pelosi machine.

Richert: Tough Minnick attack ad goes over the line Read more:

Election 2010: Rep. Walt Minnick’s ad slams Raul Labrador’s work in immigration law Read more: Idaho

John Foster: Walt Minnick’s Liberal Spokesman or Just an Annoying Yapping Little Dog?


Raul Labrador Has A Clear & Precise Stance On Immigration (video) « The “Troublesome” Conservative

The Choice Is Clear Who The Real Conservative Is, November is when we need to make a move on Washington D.C., and Elect the True Conservative Raul Labrador!

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative.

The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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