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Pelosi’s Power Over So Called “Blue Dog” Democrats:Predicts Dems To Retain Control (video)

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By Bill Hurst, Pelosi plans to control and gain power over the most conservative lawmakers so where will that land the mythical “Blue Dog” Democrats?

The Blue Dogs will vansih into thin air..,

Pelosi’s power trip will leave the “Blue Dogs” with bark and no bite, actually it will leave them whimpering like  whipped puppies. We all know that the so-called blue dogs are a mythical group that is a scheme devised and promoted by the Democrat party; to get their party faithful elected in conservative districts.

So where does Walt Minnick fit in?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s article “Shes The Boss”:

Pelosi came from a family that bears a striking resemblance to organized crime. She will ruthlessly use and discard any one in her way or who will forward her agenda. She rules the House with an iron grip and she is simultaneously feared and hated by most politicians. Those who claim to support and adore her are sycophants that are in the DC game for money, power and prestige. Her minions are made all the more dangerous due to Pelosi’s powerful reach and thuggish policies. No radical agenda is too outrageous if she deems it worthy. Pelosi’s hypocrisy knows no bounds and she feels no shame.

An elitist’s elitist, Pelosi is cunning in the extreme. Her entire political career has been virtually choreographed and painstakingly planned. You won’t hear apologies from her and most likely, you’ll never see the attack coming if you are in her sites

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s article “Shes The Boss” read entire article here

Milton Friedman: Socialism Is Force

Politico Comments:

House Democrats are poised to approve new rules that will significantly increase their authority while taking the bullets out of the few legislative weapons Republicans have in the lower chamber.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has approved the changes from the last Congress, when House GOP members frustrated their Democratic counterparts by winning over two dozen amendment battles on the floor.

Pelosi’s move has set up a divisive mood on the first day of the 111th Congress, which Republicans say runs counter to the tone set by President-elect Obama.

Republican leaders intend to fight the rules changes, which would curtail their ability to delay legislation by forcing Democrats to take politically difficult votes.

“This is not the kind of openness and transparency that President-elect Obama promised,” the GOP leaders wrote Monday in a letter to Pelosi.

Republican leadership aides say the changes will make it easier for the Speaker to run the House and protect vulnerable House Democrats.

CQ Politics states:

Democratic leaders are taking a hard look at preventing the minority party from scoring easy political points with motions to recommit a bill to committee with instructions to make contentious language changes and then report it back to the House “promptly.” In the outgoing Congress, “promptly’’ has meant an indefinite hold, because committees were not willing to adopt poison-pill amendments sponsored by the minority.

Most motions to recommit require instead that an amended bill be returned to the floor “forthwith,” which means within minutes.

GOP aides complain that the possible limit motions to recommit would take away the minority’s ability to attack tax increases in must-pass bills. That’s because the pay-as-you-go budget rule, which is likely to be renewed, does not allow amendments or motions to recommit forthwith that would remove any of the offsets it requires in legislation.

The pay-as-you-go rule requires that all new entitlement spending or new tax cuts be offset with equivalent spending cuts or tax increases elsewhere.

Pelosi will continue to stop term-limits for committee chairmen. This will give the chairman control and domination over the minority party. This maneuver will halt the Republican minority from any influence to “recommit a motion” back to any committee in the House.

The Republicans have asked about transparency that Obama has promised to protect us from the evils of government. While spreading the rhetoric, Obama has let Pelosi work behind the proverbial “Oz Curtain.”  This allows Pelosi’s Congress to have the control over the committee chairman to concoct an array of free-enterprise busting bills behind the cloaked curtain. The new bill will be ceremoniously presented to the House floor and passed without the benefit of thought-provoking debate. This newly passed bill will be moved on down the street with haste and the “transparency” President Obama will put his rubber stamp on the new piece of liberal-socialistic law. This was undoubtedly what the endorsers of Obama’s “hope and change” were expecting.

Pelosi’s confidence of retaining power:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  was elated with the Tea Party victories in Tuesday September 14th, Republican primaries, saying the results were “very positive” for Democrats.

Pelosi  still in the “Power Trip” mode states “What happened for Democrats last night was very positive,” she continued, “We were very pleased with the candidates that we drew, and they offer a great contrast in the election as to the clarity of the choice.”

Walt Minnick‘s buddy, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said after the conservative wins that the Tea Party’s primary successes point to a deep division in the GOP, as Tea Party candidates have run to the right of establishment Republicans. This brings up the Minnick question again, “Who and What is He?”

Hoyer stated:

The bottom line is they’re a deeply divided party,” Hoyer told reporters, adding that the division “is going to hurt them.

That is a hilarious statement coming on the heals of most Democrats running away from the leadership of that party.

Minnick's DC Friends: The Liberal Leadership

Hoyer’s ties with lobbyist

Minnick and Hoyer Connection

Let’s take a look at the Democrats scrambling from their leaders:

Minnick’s Ad Running from the Dem leadership(click here to see his personal ad)

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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