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Leno Takes A Stab At Keynesian Economics

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Leno Takes A Stab At Keynesian Economics, posted with vodpod

Keynesian economics ( Keynesian Economics Defined (video) ) has failed the country in thirties during the “Great Depression” and is worsening the current fragile economy, that the country is experiencing at this present time.  This liberal administration, with Minnick’s votes, are either going to keep raising the national debt by borrowing and eventually will have to raise taxes to pay down the debt. Don’t be fooled, this is why the Democrats are bringing back the so-called “Death Tax” or the Estate Tax at the highest rates. This tax is “invisible”  to the average taxpayer. Taxpayers are not  involved with tax on an annual basis however, this tax brings in billions to the U.S. Treasury.  Those tax rates will have consequences even a medium-sized farming operations or a small businesses. This will put a heavy tax burden (which is due, in cash, within 9 months of death) on the owner’s, families and business associates. More on Minnick’s hand in the economic decline at: Minnick-Democrats F In Economics: Edujobs Stimulus Fix Blows-up In Their Faces (Video)

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Minnick Voted To Bring Back The Estate Tax At High Rates


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