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Minnick Wrong On His Own Voting Record! (video)

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By Bill Hurst, Will the gimmick for Minnick and other Democrats work? Or Minnick must have had amnesia the last two years!

Minnick, posing as a conservative, is running this  ridiculous ad right along with other Democrats calling themselves “Independent Conservatives” and not even mentioning the Democrat Party by name. Minnick is straining so hard to pander to conservatives in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District you wonder why he didn’t join in on the Republican primary bid so he could run on both tickets! He won a narrow victory over his Republican opponent narrowly defeating Bill Sali, taking 50.6 percent of the vote to Sali’s 49.4 percent. Minnick carried only seven of the district’s 18 counties during the biggest liberal shift ever in the history of the country.  How can Minnick distance himself from Pelosi when he accepted her invitation to use her home in San Francisco California for a fundraiser venue?Story here


Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is also unhappy with the friendly fire. Bayh announced last week that a group of centrist Democrats had come together to negotiate as a bloc with the White House and party leaders on major legislation. He promptly found himself targeted by an ad accusing him of “standing in the way of President Obama’s reforms.”

“We literally have no agenda,” Bayh shot back. “How can they be threatened by a group that has taken no policy positions?”

Minnick And The Blue Dog Myth Read Article Here

You’ve heard about them. Now find out what they stand for. (P.S. It’s not much.):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Blue Dog Democrats- , posted with vodpod

Some of Minnick’s voting history and political positions:

Minnick knows how to spend taxpayer money and how to artificially stimulate the economy. He is also in favor of Price Controls.

Minnick voted for the “The Financial Stability Act” Adds To The Deficit Plus 6 Billion  Pork Barrel For Liberal Congressional Caucuses.

Minnick dos not want to repeal ObamaCare.

Minnick Voted For Edujobs Blows-up In Democrats Faces Adds To Deficit

Minnick Runs With The Liberals

Minnick’s Gimmick: Posing As A Conservative, While Supporting The Liberals! (video) See Minnick Cheering On Obama.

Minnick And The Blue Dog Myth

Statement from Republican Raul Labrador, Idaho’s 1st Congressional District:

Walt Minnick’s TV ad claims he said ‘no’ to the Wall Street bailout—but he wasn’t even a member of Congress when that vote took place. He also says he said ‘no’ to more government spending, but voted for Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Caulk and another $26 billion new stimulus bill this summer. This ad was designed to deceive both the Idaho public and the media,”

Read Labrador’s Full Press Release Here


Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative.

The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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