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Minnick-Democrats F In Economics: Edujobs Stimulus Fix Blows-up In Their Faces (Video)

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By Bill Hurst: Is Minnick for investing in education or is he helping his fellow Democrats spreading the money out to line the pockets of special interests groups. Democrat’s short economic “caffeine fix” will fail: yep didn’t last long just blew-up in their collective faces.

Just another example of bad economic policy that Walt Minnick wants Idahoans to fall for, is the so-called Edujobs bail out to help save teachers jobs, re-hire laid off teachers, and hire new teachers to fully staff classrooms and other union jobs. It won’t be long after you take-away from the food-stamp program there will soon be an out cry to increase that fund for the poor and needy. The money  to increase the food-stamp shortage will come from another deficit spending bill. Minnick may not have to vote yes to increase the deficit, because his vote may not be needed,  however he was one of the Democrats that created the problem in the first place.

Minnick’s statement to the COEUR d’ALENE PRESS:

“America cannot afford to curtail investment in education if our nation is to compete in a global economy. At the same time, neither can our nation afford to add to the national debt or continue to keep running up the credit card. I was pleased to invest in our children by supporting teachers, as well as Pell grants for college students, without adding to the deficit,”

This is just another gimmick for Minnick, as he poses as a conservative. This is not sound economic policy but a new twist on a “shell game” that Minnick and the Democrats try to pass  as solid economics.   The liberals  continue their “spread the wealth economy” by redistributing taxpayer dollars through continuous bailouts to special interests groups, in particular the unions.

The New York Times Reports:

As schools handed out pink slips to teachers this spring, states made a beeline to Washington to plead for money for their ravaged education budgets. But now that the federal government has come through with $10 billion, some of the nation’s biggest school districts are balking at using their share of the money to hire teachers right away.

“So if there’s a way that you can lessen the blow for next year,” she said, “we feel like it would be responsible to try to do that.”

With the economic outlook weakening, they argue that big deficits are looming for the next academic year and that they need to preserve the funds to prevent future layoffs. Los Angeles, for example, is projecting a $280 million budget shortfall next year that could threaten more jobs.

“You’ve got this herculean task to deal with next year’s deficit,” said Lydia L. Ramos, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest after New York City.

There is the kicker instead of hiring and/or saving teaching jobs, these districts are holding the bailout money to pay for future spending. Just another scam upon the taxpayers who continue to be robbed of their money. All these bailouts by President Obama and the Democrats are bankrupting America. How is that spreading the wealth plan helping us here in Idaho or anywhere else? Democrats are in big, big trouble! No wonder their economic plans are nothing more than  “Three Card Monte” schemes. They forget that Government spending does not stimulate economic growth. Creating a pro-free enterprise climate will, the Democrats can not spend us out of this recession.

Rush has an excellent statement on the issue:

From the Heritage Foundation:

Why Government Spending Does Not Stimulate Economic Growth: Answering the Critics

Here is one for the “Books” or should I say no School Books:

LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation


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