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By Bill Hurst, Try holding Idaho’s Liberal  feet to the fire…”Minnick Myth”  He is part of the Obama, Pelosi, Reid Statism-Socialist government problem.

Idaho’s proven Conservative Leader is Raul Labrador, he will fight; to strengthen our economy,  for new jobs, to bring industry back to America, will protect the taxpayer from an over burdensome social programs and the wasteful bureaucratic spending. You will be able to hold Congressional Candidate Raul Labrador accountable, because he will hold our out-of-control government accountable.



Raul Labrador Idaho

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative. The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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