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Minnick’s Campaign Wants Apology For Conservatives Speaking The Truth!

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Foster says "I want an apology from you conservatives and stop the campaigning. I can't stand hearing the truth"

Apparently Walt Minnick hails to the liberal montra of  “allow no dissent or ill words spoken against the Liberal Democrats or their party. Thin skinned and more…the Minnick campaign has become.

Labrador’s comment For decades, American business has wined, dined and lobbied American politicians. Some have sought preferential tax benefits… others have sought corporate welfare. Still others feed the alligator that is government in hopes that it will be kind to them in the future while it consumes others today.” is completely correct. One has to look no further than BP and their previously cozy relationship with the Democrats and what is happening to them now to see what businesses face with the Democrats in charge. Yet they insist on continually feeding the beast in hopes of a lightened sentence that will never comes.

John Foster wants to distance his boss Walt Minnick from the Liberal Democrat party. When in fact his boss is Idaho’s Liberal Democrat, posing as a conservative, they don’t  like Idahoans finding out about “Minnick Myths” What’s the deal with this guy?

The Truth Not Permitted In This Campaign

Minnick’s campaign spokesman calls on Labrador to apologize for e-mail by Idaho Reporter
John Foster, campaign spokesman for freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick, called on the Republican in the race for his candidate’s seat, Raul Labrador, to apologize for using a sentence in a fundraising e-mail which, Foster says, denigrates business leaders Idaho
Labrador aide blasts Minnick and staffer for call to apologize for content of e-mail
Wednesday, John Foster, campaign spokesman for Rep. Walt Minnick, the Democratic congressman currently serving Idaho’s 1st District, called on Raul Labrador, the Republican nominee slated to face Minnick in November’s general elections, to apologize for sending out a campaign e-mail that, Foster sai..
Minnick’s Campaign wants apologies for conservatives speaking the truth!

Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

June 25, 2010 at 11:52 am

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