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Weeding Out “Minnick Myths”: Debunking…He is “Blue Dog Democrat” (Video)

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By: Bill Hurst, Debunking “Minnick Myths” Minnick aligns himself with Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Reid, and others, more times than he lets on!  Minnick’s gimmick, posing as a conservative does not fly, because his voting record and ideologies lands this Democrat on the liberal end of the political spectrum.

This article points out the term “Blue Dog Democrat” is a myth!….(In light of the health-care vote,  many “Blue Dogs” exposed themselves and are not who they purport themselves to be.) Weeding Out “Minnick Myths”: Debunking…Minnick is Anti-ObamaCare (Video)

Minnick Is a Liberal Blue Dog

The "Blue Dog" Myth Has Been Put To Rest!

There is a big myth in American politics that the so-called Blue Dogs in the House of Representatives are ‘moderate’ or ‘swing conservative’ Democrats, that they are just Republicans with a D after their names.

This stems from the perception that these Blue Dogs are politicians who have been chosen by Democrat leaders to run in conservative Democrat districts or even in Republican districts and in states where liberals aren’t likely to win. But these myths are hardly true!

Because these Blue Dogs, whose ideological persuasion is said to be pro-gun, fiscal restraint and social conservatism, often vote party-line liberal for most things like Obama stimulus spending and bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, extreme enviro legislation, abortion, CAFTA and NAFTA.

In other words, they are Democrats. Period.

According to Isaac T. Wood writing for the Rasmussen Reports polling site:

At the end of the day, contrary to the current media narrative, over two-thirds of Blue Dogs solidly support the Democratic agenda, with 36 of the 52 members voting the party line on over 90 percent of the time. In fact, only three Blue Dogs (Gene Taylor, with a 78 percent party voting score; Bobby Bright, AL-2, with 71 percent; and Walt Minnick, ID-1, with 72 percent) bottom line Idaho’s democrat, posing as a conservative, votes a “super majority” party line with his liberal-socialist buddies. On the vast majority of bills, Blue Dogs vote just like their Democrat colleagues….

Although more than half of the Blue Dogs voted for the initial House health care bill, the coalition still provided 24 of the 39 Democratic “no” votes…(end of excerpt)

Thus the health-care bill is one instance where 24 Blue Dogs showed their moderate nature. But still that means that 28 Blue Dogs voted in favor of the House bill putting the lie to the Blue Dog label as ‘conservative’ or even ‘moderate’. Because the House bill had a public option included, which no fiscal conservative would support.

And notice that Blue Dogs represented only 24 of the 39 Democrat ‘no’ votes. Which means there were 15 other Democrats who are conservative who are not included on the Blue Dog list including Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, Harry Teague of New Mexico, Tom Perriello of Virginia and Brian Baird of Washington state, who is retiring.

In contrast, the Stupak Amendment of the House health-care bill, which barred use of any federal money for elective abortions even in subsidized private health insurance plans, was supported among Blue Dogs by a 36 to 16 margin. So indeed there is some social conservatism among Blue Dogs.

The Blue Dogs were formed in 1994 by genuinely conservative Democrats who saw their party badly defeated in the congressional elections of that year. They were primarily from the South and thought that the Democrat party had veered too far left under Clinton. It has veered even further to the Left, to socialistic trends, under the Obama administration. Thus, the overwhelming majority of “Blue Dogs” are voting Left of Clinton and Co.

The term Blue Dog comes from an old expression that said that Southerners would vote for “a yellow dog” before they would vote for a Republican. Because Southerners hated Republicans for freeing the slaves and for the Civil War. And now “yellow dog” has simply turned “blue”. And today 28 states are represented by at least one Blue Dog in the House including one representative from Maine, Colorado and New York, and seven Californians. Just 20 of the 52 Blue Dogs are from the South.

Normally the voting patterns of Blue Dogs might not cause so much alarm and could be marked up to politics as usual. But conservatives now must seek clarity because these Blue Dogs are voting on major pieces of legislation like the stimulus bill and the health-care bill that are going to affect America for decades. And this is why these so-called Blue Dogs need to be exposed for who they really are at this critical time for our nation.

Consider Adam Schiff of California, who was elected in 2000 in a district that Obama won by 68%, who is listed as a Blue Dog. Yet he is a very liberal congressman. Ditto Californians Jane Harman of California (1996) (64%) Loretta Sanchez (2000) (60%) and Joe Baca (1999) (68%). Because California is a very liberal state where everything that is not far left is considered ‘conservative’. Still it seems strange that these people would be considered anything but liberals. Blue Dogs Harman and Dennis Cardoza have 100% ratings from the pro-abortion group NARAL, along with other Blue Dogs like John Barrow and Sanford Bishop of Georgia. Which makes you wonder: Who gives the Blue Dog label and why? And has it become just another Democrat electoral scam?

Indeed it is a scam. Because it is not how Blue Dogs vote, but how they originally campaigned for office that makes them Blue Dogs. Because Blue Dogs, like Obama himself, will misrepresent themselves and run on a conservative or centrist platform, but then, once in office, will often vote leftist. This is a classic Democrat tactic that obviously took hold as the party saw the potential in Blue Dog candidates in a nation that still is relatively conservative.

So what is the answer for the GOP and Republican hopefuls?

The Republican party must run candidates who will openly confront the genuinely liberal nature of these Blue Dogs.

An excellent website for tracking politicians’ actual votes On The Issues; Minnick Idaho’s Liberal If you look close “Blue Dogs”  have  a pretty liberal record. So Blue Dogs are all over the place, a shell game, but averages out to be a “super majority” voting record as Liberal Democrats.

As 2010 opens, there is a new trend emerging with some genuinely conservative Blue Dogs switching to the GOP starting with Alabama congressman Parker Griffith of Huntsville, normally as Democrat a district as you will find in Alabama.

Writing about the Blue Dogs’ prospects in the coming election year, Wood writes:

Of the 52 Blue Dogs, less than half (21) are considered safe… Some of these incumbents are veterans who are entrenched in their districts… Others, like six of the seven Californian Blue Dogs, hail from districts with a strong Democratic base that should ensure their reelection.

In fact, over a third of Blue Dogs hail from districts Obama won last November. While the coalition is often portrayed as a group of Southern congressmen who must vote conservatively or risk losing reelection, nineteen members represent districts Obama carried, with seven representing districts in which Obama won over 60 percent of the vote.

While some Blue Dogs will be sailing through the 2010 campaign, a few of their colleagues will be combatants in some of the fiercest races of the year. Already four Blue Dogs, Bobby Bright (AL-2), Walt Minnick (ID-1), Frank Kratovil (MD-1), and Travis Childers (MS-1), are in “toss-up” races. In Minnick’s case; Raul Labrador is pulling ahead of him as the weeks go by towards the general election.

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  1. Idaho needs to do it’s part in firing Nancy Pelosi vote for Raul Labrador and help republicans take back the House.

    george nourse

    June 16, 2010 at 11:02 pm

  2. see
    3 minute video
    very enlightening and entertaining

    rich was

    October 15, 2010 at 7:24 pm

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