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Minnick Is Not A Fiscal Conservative (Video)

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By Bill Hurst-Exposing the “Minnick Myths”

Congressman Minnick, Idaho’s Liberal posing as a  conservative, has sealed his defeat in the Congressional race against Raul Labrador, as the first elected Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from Idaho in decades, Minnick with his “aye” on H.R. 4173, his liberal-socialistic actions should be exposed. This will prove to Idaho First Congressional District voters as proof positive, that Minnick is not fiscally conservative.

Minnick voted for Pelosi and said he supports her. "The Liberal Idaho Blue Dog" has made his call...supporting the other liberal Democrat's socialistic agenda.

Congressman Minnick was elected to the House of Representatives under the “Minnick Myth” as a fiscal Conservative, while Minnick has a liberal belief system on all other issues. During his first term in the House of Representatives, Minnick has voted as a fiscal Conservative on some economic related legislation, however, Minnick supported legislation that can be described alone as socialistic and destructive to our free enterprise system.

According to the group Open Congress, The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 introduced by Barney Frank will “overhaul regulations in the financial sector. It would establish a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency to regulate products like home mortgages, car loans and credit cards, give the Treasury Department new authority to place non-bank financial firms, like insurance companies into receivership and regulate the over-the-counter derivatives market.”, in other words – more government control with the liberals reeling in total control of the market place.

This Minnick backed legislation is awful and smacks the “Free Market” in the face, as it will establish more government control over the economics of Americans and businesses alike, the United States Chamber of Commerce launched an advertisement campaign against the legislation, and all 175 Republicans present voted against the legislation, with 27 Democrats opposing the legislation as well. However, Idaho’s own Walt Minnick voted for the Barney Frank bill!

“The Idaho Blue Dog” has made his call  Congressman Walt Minnick, a supposed  “Blue Dog Democrat” from Idaho’s First Congressional District, supported and voted for this horrific legislation, which will allow more government interference into the private market, push our economic system to resemble a Socialist Regime instead of a Free Enterprise System, and provides for a 6 billion dollar pork barrel to appease extreme liberal congressional groups.

Fox’s Payne calls financial reform bill a “giant power grab”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Liberals Love Regulations and "Blaming Others"

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank talks with a group including Ranking Member Spencer Bachus (R-AL) (L) during a recess from a committee conference on Wall Street reform to hammer out sweeping changes in financial regulation legislation on Capitol Hill, June 24, 2010. Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst…

Still, the 237 to 192 vote in the House marked a win for Obama and his fellow Democrats, who have made the most sweeping rewrite of Wall Street rules since the 1930s a top priority in the wake of the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

“That’s why we are here today, to make sure that never happens again,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “We will pass the toughest set of Wall Street reforms in generations.”


Pelosi to Reid: Take a lot Harry he can make more!

Remember the earlier quote from our Statism-Socialism loving Pelosi, “We will pass the toughest set of Wall Street reforms in generations.”, here it goes, quick lesson; A) reforms=regulations= “Massive Federal Bureaucracy”=need for more revenue=higher taxes=middle-to-lower upper class burden with more taxes.  B) Reforms=regulations=more cost to financial institutions=higher fees to customers=higher interest rates. A+B=Less Disposable Income to hardworking American Citizens. It is already difficult enough to make ends meet…what the heck the cycle will continue…then who do they tax?

Conservative Republican Raul Labrador is running against Minnick, Labrador a true conservative deserves our support as he seeks to reclaim Idaho’s first congressional district as a Conservative Republican district, with real fiscal Conservative representation.

Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative. The campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Raul Labrador Idaho's 1st Congressional District Conservative Candidate

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.



Click This Line to get a great companion read to this article. “Idaho Reporter” article By Brad Iverson-Long to give empirical evidence that Idaho’s Conservative is Raul Labrador and NOT the liberal posing as a conservative.

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  1. […] Exposing a “Minnick Myth” Published in July 11th, 2010 Posted by TMH in Politics By: Bill Hurst Weeding Out “Minnick Myths” […]

  2. It gives me pause as to, why in the world, would the US Chamber of Commerce give Minnick,the non-fiscally conservative, liberal their endorsement. I think they must not represent the small business-person only their progressive agenda. Their story will be exposed in the upcoming months. Was this a quid pro quo endorsement, just wondering what the justification is.

    Bill Hurst

    July 11, 2010 at 10:04 pm

  3. […] Idaho’s liberal Democrat did vote for more massive legislation that will create statism this country has never seen before, the Wall Street-Finance Reform Bill. Read the link to the article on Idaho’s liberal Congressman’s part in the passage of this ‘Horrid” bill Liberal Minnick has proven he is not a fiscal conservative Deomocrat…Fact is, he will vote mor…. […]

  4. […] The bill he supports  does make him a fiscal conservative, he has shown his true colors.→     (see related article) There is something to be said about consumer protection and legitimate disclosure, but this […]

  5. […] Walt Minnick voted for H.R.4173 – Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. Here is a quick summary of this legislation in the article  “Exposing a “Minnick Myth” […]

    see 3 minute video
    very enlightening and entertaining

    rich was

    October 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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