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Minnick’s Campaign Wants Apology For Conservatives Speaking The Truth!

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Foster says "I want an apology from you conservatives and stop the campaigning. I can't stand hearing the truth"

Apparently Walt Minnick hails to the liberal montra of  “allow no dissent or ill words spoken against the Liberal Democrats or their party. Thin skinned and more…the Minnick campaign has become.

Labrador’s comment For decades, American business has wined, dined and lobbied American politicians. Some have sought preferential tax benefits… others have sought corporate welfare. Still others feed the alligator that is government in hopes that it will be kind to them in the future while it consumes others today.” is completely correct. One has to look no further than BP and their previously cozy relationship with the Democrats and what is happening to them now to see what businesses face with the Democrats in charge. Yet they insist on continually feeding the beast in hopes of a lightened sentence that will never comes.

John Foster wants to distance his boss Walt Minnick from the Liberal Democrat party. When in fact his boss is Idaho’s Liberal Democrat, posing as a conservative, they don’t  like Idahoans finding out about “Minnick Myths” What’s the deal with this guy?

The Truth Not Permitted In This Campaign

Minnick’s campaign spokesman calls on Labrador to apologize for e-mail by Idaho Reporter
John Foster, campaign spokesman for freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick, called on the Republican in the race for his candidate’s seat, Raul Labrador, to apologize for using a sentence in a fundraising e-mail which, Foster says, denigrates business leaders Idaho
Labrador aide blasts Minnick and staffer for call to apologize for content of e-mail
Wednesday, John Foster, campaign spokesman for Rep. Walt Minnick, the Democratic congressman currently serving Idaho’s 1st District, called on Raul Labrador, the Republican nominee slated to face Minnick in November’s general elections, to apologize for sending out a campaign e-mail that, Foster sai..
Minnick’s Campaign wants apologies for conservatives speaking the truth!

Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

June 25, 2010 at 11:52 am

Weeding Out “Minnick Myths”: Debunking…Minnick is Anti-ObamaCare (Video)

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Watch the following video (below) then read the article and you will find that Minnick is for a liberal make over of ObamaCare.

Who is Walt Minnick? Idahoans are finding out!

By Bill Hurst, Idahoans are finding out, Minnick is a Liberal Democrat,  posing as a conservative.

The Democrat candidate running, posing as a conservative, for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District states in the video, posted above, that there are some “draconian” measures, funding issues, and no price controls on the health care providers fees for services, is his reasoning for his “nay” vote on the ObamaCare. If you notice at the end of the video clip, he says that there are many good features in the ObamaCare. A reasonable conclusion would be; that he supports some form of  ObamaCare. This is firmly confirmed in Minnick’s comment,

“We should try to sort out over the next several Congresses the good from the bad and make this the bill that we should have passed in the first place.”

Does Walt think for one minute there will not be “draconian” measures and funding issues in his health plan? No matter if Minnick does hand stands, it will require pulling dollars from taxpayers, draining our economy and plunging our nation further into debt. When does he think our economy will be strong enough? Does he think that our country will overwhelmingly want to make this less than “free choice” move towards a total socialistic state?

Minnick says “There are very little cost controlsin the ObamaCare and further states “The problem with this health care (bill) is that it does very little to control costs.” Minnick seems to propose stricter and increased control over what health care providers could charge.  His bill would require  Americans  to become healthier.  The provisions in any national health care law  “smacks”  free enterprise system in the face and limits freedoms.

Surgeon General: "ObamaCare is good for you. Now bend over."

Fact: All government health care plans are “Socialized Medical Care.” One thing is for sure…the liberal candidate has not given any thought to basic economic principles. When Minnick talks cost controls he means price controls. This would limit the number of individuals entering into the health care field. Those that have  skills that would  produce more money elsewhere, will leave the health market. Meaning the health care providers left, will demand higher wages because the work load will increase. Resulting in very limited (rationed) or substandard care provided in any socialist plan. Liberals just don’t understand the law of supply and demand~!

Minnick’s gimmick is to say he didn’t vote for ObamaCare but he doesn’t want to  stop the enactment of the Federal Heath Care Law.  Minnick was asked what his response to  Idaho’s Health Care Freedom Act he responsed “It will be quite unlikely it (The Health Care Freedom Act) will be successful.” Minnick doesn’t like the current structure of ObamaCare.  Why won’t he support Idaho’s efforts in getting this amendment passed? Is he supportive of the Federal Government being dominate over State’s Rights? Minnick doesn’t want to support the Idaho conservatives working for less government? He wants us to believe a “Minnick Myth” that he is a conservative Democrat. Minnick would rather work on the “flawed bill”  for several more congresses, than helping his fellow Idahoans  scrap the National Health Care Law. Polls show that 60% polled do not like ObamaCare. (RealClearPolatics-Health Care Polls).

Solution: Idahoans should not send Minnick back to Washington D.C.

Minnick’s comparison of mandating the purchase of government health insurance by every adult in America to cover them and their children and States mandating liability insurance for vehicles is lame and ludicrous. Here is the difference, if you don’t buy liability insurance you can still own a vehicle however; you can’t drive it on the government streets. It is a matter of choice, if you opt out of the system you pay no monitory penalty to the State.  On the other hand, you must buy “Socialized Health Care” or you will face fines, loss of other benefits, loss of your employment, consumer prices will start to rise through out the market. The free enterprise system will have the onerous task of dealing with higher costs which will cause inflation, rivaling the days of Jimmy Carter.

Ralph D. Perez commented:

Our constitution enumerates certain “limited powers” to the national government and retains all other powers to the states or to the people. The power to mandated healthcare or even address it in the first place is nowhere to be found in our constitution. Therefore, any such power is retained by the states or by the people. It only follows then that the states do have the authority to require car insurance and or even health insurance, but the national government clearly does not. This is the foundation for the argument that the current healthcare bill is unconstitutional and I could not agree more.

(Added 7/17/10)

Where is Minnick? 8 more in Congress sign on for Obamacare repeal ‘Pulled out by the roots’ plan now has support from 133. Idaho’s liberal Democrat says he voted against Obamacare, but he supports it! Well we do need some Weeding…Out “Minnick Myths.”

As usual our liberal, posing as a conservative, friend has it wrong again. When will he and his buddies stop spinning the “Minnick Myths”?  Sounds like he is playing both sides of the street!

These are the people that Minnick associates with…No it is not guilt by association, it’s who he really is! Not right for Idaho, Too Liberal for Idaho!

Remember the liberal candidate, posing as a conservative, says there are many “good” provisions in ObamaCare! Let me know if you find one.

Labrador is no impostor he is the “Real Deal” CONSERVATIVE!


Idahoans and our out-of-state friends the Grass Roots Campaign Of Raul Labrador is working hard to defeat Idaho’s Liberal, posing as a conservative. The

Raul Labrador Idaho's 1st Congressional District Conservative Candidate

campaign can use your financial help Please Donate Today!

Let’s Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, and VOTE For A Real Conservative Raul Labrador.

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Estate Tax and Stepped-up Basis

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In 2001, a progressive Federal Estate Tax became law of the land.  The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA) would change the tax rate and annually increase the size of estate value minimums before estate taxes were applied.

It included what is known as the ‘sunset’ provision which the current rules expire at the end of 2010 and would revert back to pre-EGTRRA law. In the year 2010 there would be no Federal Estate Taxes (in 2009 the exemption before estate taxes were applied was $3.5 million per person with a maximum 45% tax rate).

So here we are in 2010 and (at least for now) there is no Federal Estate Tax for any one dying this year (individual State tax rates would still apply).

A permanent repeal for this year? Not likely. While Congress has been focusing on national health care, they let the estate tax issue expire. It’s anticipated this will be back on the front burner very soon.

So what are possible options?  1) Leave as is (no tax) with year 2011 rates going back to the 2002 level of only a $1million exemption and 55% tax rate. 2) Go back to the 2009 levels. 3) Increase levels beyond $3.5Million.  If rates and limits do change this year, Congress could make them retroactive to January 1st (i.e. apply taxes to decedents estates after death during the year) even if the law was changed late in the year. This maneuver most likely would trigger law suit actions.

But wait. There’s more. Along with disappearing federal estate taxes, also gone is the unlimited step-up in basis rule which could actually affect more people inheriting property. Had a death occurred in 2009, the basis (what the original purchase value was) is generally ‘stepped-up’ to the market value on the date of death and no capital gains tax is paid. If sold in the future for more, then tax on the gain would be subject to tax.

Heirs in 2010 have a maximum appreciation value of $1.3million to apply to the step-up in basis. An additional $3 million in appreciation can be passed to a surviving spouse.

Hopefully, good record keeping is kept so original cost basis can easily be established.

So now what to do? Maybe just wait and see. If estate planning has been done (i.e. special estate tax reducing trusts, etc) contacting your legal adviser might be a good idea for any questions.

In any event, estate planning, including succession planning for business owners should be done. At the very minimum, have a (current) will in place.  Life insurance can also be a very economical tool to use in the planning process.

Bottom line is to make your own plans now knowing that nothing in Congress is permanent or predictable!

William H. Hurst, EA, ATA (Licensed to practice before the IRS.)

Bill has been a tax accountant and tax planner for over 27 years.

His accounting office is located at:

407 South 9th Ave, Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Phone: 208.459.1044

Fax: 208.459.1084

Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

June 19, 2010 at 6:38 am

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We Thinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much”To Dispel The Truth!”

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Article by Corey Freeman, Canyon County

Newspaper Article That Prompted Mr. Freeman’s Remarks

The Truth Not Promitted In This Campaign

Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District,   First and foremost, the party Minnick is identifying himself with shuts its convention doors to any type of scrutiny. Now the Minnick campaign is attempting to silence a dissenting voice through public demonization and character assassination by insinuation. This is the same strategic plan that is being used by Minnick’s liberal …Congressional leaders who constantly and publicly attack those who opposed their agenda, including Tea Party members, with name calling, demonization, and character assassination rather than actually discuss any of the truly important issues at hand.

The accusations made by the Minnick spokesman John Foster in this article are nothing more than a continuation of the liberal Democratic effort to shut down and stifle any dissenting voices. By allowing his staff to engage in such lowbrow unacceptable behavior, Minnick is showing his true colors. Do you really want someone representing the district that identifies with a party and runs a campaign that can not tolerate scrutiny or dissent and will make very public attempts to quash it?

Oh, and I noticed that there was no attempt by Foster to refute any of Bill Hurst’s statements only to attack his character. What does that tell you?

Aside from his blog (, Hurst is also a regular contributor to Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District page. Keep up the great work Bill!

Corey Freeman is the primary Author/Publisher/Editor of  “Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District”. He is an educator and political analyst. Corey has had many articles publish in political field.

Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

June 18, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District

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Idaho should to do its part getting Pelosi out of POWER!

Facebook Members Join “Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District”

Take Back Idaho’s 1st Congressional District

When you look behind Walt Minnick you see all his liberal friends; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Al Gore, and more…

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The estate tax (click to see detailed article) has been phased out over the last few years. This year there is no estate taxes at any rate. Next year, 2011, the estate tax will be reinstated not back to the 2009 rates but to the higher 2003 rates! Tax rates are going up for employers and the middle class. Is Minnick and his tax and spend liberal friends giving the taxpayer a break?

No way…Minnick will do what Pelosi wants. Pelosi WANTS the spending/taxing gavel!

Idaho! Listen, when we get rid of Walt Minnick, we will be that much closer removing Nancy Pelosi from Power!

judge for yourself………………………………………………………………….

This is a group of  Idaho’s Liberal Democrat, posing as conservative, Liberal friends in Washington D.C.:

Okay Mr. President let me get his right. I will shove this pen representing "the bill" down Americans throats or up their what?

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“Weeding Out Minnick Myths”: Have “Conserative Values” Like Yours! (Video)

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Written by Bill Hurst/ LaFonda Merrick

June 14, 2010 at 4:02 am